There are numerous reasons, why one would have a personal blog or website. Over the last few weeks, quite a few of them accumulated until I thought, I’d give it a go. Besides the urge of having a place where I could develop ideas and comment on certain topics, in a few weeks time I will give a talk together with a colleague at a conference, and we plan to make available some intermediate outcomes of our research, in this case a package for R which I wrote. This site will be a very good place to showcase the package and further directions our research might take.

So, what content are you going to find here in the future? I plan to write about small or larger (coding) projects I take on, about my developing research, and probably some random thoughts about Austrian politics and society.

Starting a blog with the use of blogdown feels almost like cheating – for sure, there are aspects to learn, options to set, problems to wrap your head around. But all in all, the process is quite straightforward, thanks to Yihui Xie’s package and the most helpful documentation at https://bookdown.org/yihui/blogdown/.

In starting a website with a blog I want to mention a few sites I really enjoy reading, and to which I owe inspirational credit for my own page:

A special piece of inspiration was a series of posts (1, 2) by Maëlle about the music which airs on Radio Swiss classic. I wondered, how the program of Austrian radio stations like radio klassik Stephansdom would compare, and I will try to explore this comparison in one of my future posts.

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