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Being home on a Sunday afternoon has many positive aspects, one of which a few days ago was to witness the sun’s rays floating into the rooms. After rather short and grey days of winter, the day I realise the sun is once again shining directly in my rooms, I am always very happy. Every now and then I think about the times for sunrise and sundown, which I usually look up at the Austrian Institute for Meterology and Geodynamic (ZAMG) to see, how fast days are getting longer.


There are numerous reasons, why one would have a personal blog or website. Over the last few weeks, quite a few of them accumulated until I thought, I’d give it a go. Besides the urge of having a place where I could develop ideas and comment on certain topics, in a few weeks time I will give a talk together with a colleague at a conference, and we plan to make available some intermediate outcomes of our research, in this case a package for R which I wrote.


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Die Verfallszeit soziologischer Ideen (Thomas Klebel & Philipp Korom)
Sat, Dec 9, 2017 09:00