jstor: An R package for Analysing Scientific Articles


The interest in the (quantitative) analysis of textual data has increased considerably over the last few years. For researchers investigating the scholarly literature the full text archive of JSTOR (http://www.jstor.org) offers a rich and diverse set of journal articles and other texts. Through its service Data for Research (http://www.jstor.org/dfr/), JSTOR gives researchers the opportunity to analyse this data, by delivering metadata, n-grams and, upon special request, full-text materials. jstor (https://ropensci.github.io/jstor/) enables researchers to easily import the supplied metadata to R. These metadata can either be analysed on their own, or be used in conjunction with n-grams or full-text-data. The presentation will show how jstor supports investigations of scholarly literature, covering the analysis of n-grams and citation analysis. Besides introducing possible applications, the paper will also discuss limitations regarding data quality and possible solutions thereof.

Brisbane convention & exhibition center, Brisbane, Australia. Room P10