jstor: Import and Analyse Data from Scientific Texts


The interest in text as data has seen a sharp increase in the past few years, mostly due to the advent of methods for automated text analysis. At the same time, researches within the field of scientometrics have analysed citations and other aspects of the scholarly literature with great sophistication. The archival content of JSTOR offers a rich and diverse set of primary sources like research articles or book chapters for both approaches. Data for Research (DfR) by JSTOR gives all researchers, regardless of whether they have access to JSTOR or not, the opportunity to analyse metadata, n-grams and, upon special request, full-text materials about all available articles and books from JSTOR. The package jstor helps in analysing these datasets by enabling researchers to easily import the metadata to R, a task, for which no other integrated solution exists to date.

In Journal of Open Source Software